Why pay for an expensive health and weight loss program?

  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • An online seminar with a powerful health strategy…
  • From the Producer of Forks Over Knives
  • Food discounts, workbook and more
  • ONLY $149!
  • PlantPure’s Health & Weight Loss online seminar helps people transition to better health through motivational education and access to delicious, low cost meals – delivered to your door!


    From the Producer of the hit documentary films Forks Over Knives
    and PlantPure Nation, our Education Program includes:

    Online Seminar

    An immersive and inspirational five-hour experience!

    Discounts on Food

    16-ounce entrees delivered to your door!


    Loaded with resources, recipes, tips and more (downloadable)

    Free Certification

    Option for a Certificate in PlantPure Health & Weight Loss

    Delivered meals ready in six minutes.

    Choose from 15 delicious entrees in hearty 16 ounce portions!

    The PlantPure Health & Weight Loss online seminar is also available to physicians and companies as part of a more structured jumpstart program for patients and employees.


    The PlantPure Health & Weight Loss online seminar is also utilized within a more comprehensive program developed for healthcare practitioners that includes a physician-supervised immersion program, education, and discounted food delivered to patient homes. For more information visit: PlantPureRx.com


    The PlantPure Health & Weight Loss online seminar is also being utilized within a corporate wellness program focused on improving employee health and reducing health insurance costs. For more information visit: PlantPureWellness.com